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We know it can be hard to know how to solve problems when you’re working with multiple stakeholders. We have several options for building a successful team.

Leadership Workshops

What do leaders need to be successful in today’s complex environment? We can help you develop your skills to be a successful leader.

Organizational Development

Do you wonder why you struggle to get a group of smart, motivated people to generate results? We can help your group work through the challenges that arise when diverse groups of people in an organization are brought together.

Ongoing Coaching

Have you attended a training excited to implement what you learned? We can help your team integrate new information and strategies into your work.


Are you tired of working on a dysfunctional team? Let’s talk abut the problem you’re trying to solve and how we can create spaces for your team members to be their best selves to produce the right results!


I consider Deb a mentor, a muse  and a trusted advisor. She is a deep thinker and a creative, expressive person who is always excited about learning. I had the privilege of working with Deb during a week-long training with the International Association for Public Participation. Since then whenever I am mentally stuck or need a fresh perspective and insight, I call Deb and inevitably come away invigorated and better equipped for the challenge ahead.

Marcia Standiford

Madison Metropolitan School District

Deb is a visionary leader with the creativity, determination, and know-how to achieve breakthrough results. When Deb asks me to work on a project, I’ve learned to say “yes!” and ask “what?” later. Deb is a keen judge of strengths and knows how to build and lead high functioning teams that achieve results that matter. She is a rare breed of leader who is motivated by a passionate desire to serve the greater good and to do so in a way that benefits all involved. I give Deb my highest recommendation.

Jody Jacobson


Deb Gurke’s great intellect allows her to provide insight across the board: from big-picture strategy to small details. Her energy and passion for her work help her set goals and accomplish them. She’s always seeking input from others. These are signs of someone who can serve as a true leader.

Lisa Bartusek

Iowa School Board Association

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